Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Visit To Heartbridge

During our time at New Hope Foundation, we had the opportunity to check out LWB's Heartbridge Unit and spend some time with the babies there. Many of the babies are VERY attached to their nannies, and a little shy towards strangers--at least at the beginning. By the end of our visit, most of them had warmed up to us and were willing to play. The nannies first introduced us to one little guy who is very friendly, and came right to us and snuggled in for some hugs. Miao Miao, our baby with cyclical vomiting syndrome, was feeling pretty well the first day we were there, and having a bit of a harder time on our second day. She is a content baby though, and just loves to be held!

We also got to hold each of the Rainbow Twins who are just as cute as can be. The smaller of the two was wide awake and alert for much of our visit while her sister slept sweetly and soundly nearby. The smallest one did eventually fall asleep in my arms though.

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