Thursday, July 24, 2008

Students Help to Change the World - One Child at a Time

Twelve Ajax High School seniors from Ontario pulled together to change the world...One child at a time.

Written by their teacher Ms. Lacy:

How it all began....two students named Jalal and Cassie were taught by Ms. Jennifer Cassano during the semester I was still on parental leave with my daughter. After learning about attachment theory, what happens around the world with children in orphanages, and, of course, learning about my daughter who became part of my family on July 31, 2006, they decided they wanted to make a difference. When I returned to work in February, Ms. Cassano and I spoke and decided we would help them to make a group. I surveyed my classes to get volunteers and that was how we formed our group that we named after your association.

"Love Without Boundaries"...I think showing them a picture of my little sweetie also helped! We all got together to make a plan, and it was decided that they would sign up each week to sell cupcakes in the front foyer every week. Students rotated from week to week, sharing the tasks of baking and selling. From February to June they did this...making the $725 they donated. We made display boards that listed facts about China and the orphanages, as well as photos I had photocopied out of a book. Also, each week they made an announcement during homeroom to raise awareness about this important cause. They are really such a wonderful group of students!!!! We had a party to celebrate in June, and of course my daughter, Lienna Mei, who attended was a big hit! They really love her and all my stories about her that are so relevant to the course I teach called "Issues in Human Growth and Development."

The students who were part of this group are: Alana, Savannah, Jennifer, Sarah, Ally, Jalal, Cassie, Jodi, Kristin, Julia, Balynn, and Brittany. The teacher advisors were Ms. Jennifer Cassano and me, Ms. Jennifer Lacy.

Thank you, Ajax High Students, for giving of yourselves every week. Any amount given helps, but what you have raised is enough to fund bed 11 at Heartbridge Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit for three full months. You have much to be proud of! Currently in that bed is a sweet little girl who is truly in need of some tender loving care. Three months of the intense medical and physical attention she will receive at Heartbridge will make such a huge difference in her life. I am confident that by taking the time and the energy to think beyond the walls of your own home and your own school that you have not only impacted the life of one precious orphaned child, but what you have learned will forever impact your lives as well. Well done!

Wendy Petersen, R.N.
Heartbridge Coordinator

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I should have had a V8!

I just couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you. This is 16 month old Zhuang recovering at Heartbridge from heart surgery. This month he has learned to say “ma” and enjoys following the Heartbridge nurse around the room in his walker.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Heartbridge Group

This morning I was thrilled to see this fun photo in my in box along with this note (below) from the head nurse at Heartbridge.

My first thought was “how wonderful that everyone is healthy enough to be up and out of bed enjoying the day”. In fact everyone looks fresh and happy to be there with the exception of one little girl who is wondering why she can’t be down playing instead of taking a silly photo. Kind of reminds me of my boys.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Arrival

I would like to introduce you to our newest arrival at Heartbridge. This is baby Zi. She is from the Jiangxi province. Baby Zi was born with a complex congenital heart defect, and she had the first stage of her heart surgery on January 15th. Before her heart surgery, she spent quite a bit of time at the hospital being treated for severe pneumonia. Zi has had a very difficult post op recovery, and she was transferred to Heartbridge yesterday so that she can receive the one on one care she needs to fully recover from her surgery. She will require a 2nd surgery at some point in the future to finish healing her heart.

Baby Zi’s bed at Heartbridge is fully sponsored at this time. However, if you would like to help other children just like Zi to get the loving care they need, you can see their photos and information at the following link:

Thank you!

Lori Dubbs
Heartbridge Coordinator

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Heartbridge Graduate

Please celebrate with us today as little Yan graduates from our Heartbridge program and returns to her orphanage in preparation for her upcoming adoption! We are so very happy for Yan that she will soon have a family of her own to love her!

Here is a photo of her as a newborn when our Medical Director and I first met her in her orphanage where she was being kept in an incubator due to her size and her special need:

Yan had anal atresia surgery and needed post op care to keep her incision clean as she healed and to be sure that she did not develop any post op difficulties. She was transferred to Heartbridge in mid June, 2007 so that she could receive this one on one care to help her recover and grow strong and healthy. Under the loving care of the nannies at Heartbridge, she has done very well.

Here is a recent photo of our little graduate:

Isn’t she adorable!

Thank you so much to our sponsors! Because of you, she is now healthy and will soon have what we hope for all of the kids we help – a family!

Because every child counts,

Lori Dubbs

Heartbridge Coordinator

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Visit To Heartbridge

During our time at New Hope Foundation, we had the opportunity to check out LWB's Heartbridge Unit and spend some time with the babies there. Many of the babies are VERY attached to their nannies, and a little shy towards strangers--at least at the beginning. By the end of our visit, most of them had warmed up to us and were willing to play. The nannies first introduced us to one little guy who is very friendly, and came right to us and snuggled in for some hugs. Miao Miao, our baby with cyclical vomiting syndrome, was feeling pretty well the first day we were there, and having a bit of a harder time on our second day. She is a content baby though, and just loves to be held!

We also got to hold each of the Rainbow Twins who are just as cute as can be. The smaller of the two was wide awake and alert for much of our visit while her sister slept sweetly and soundly nearby. The smallest one did eventually fall asleep in my arms though.